Lakota to ban phones at Halloween event


By Maggie Sawant, Students' Union Correspondent

At ‘Eats Everything’s Digital Switch Off: Halloween Edition’, clubbers’ phones will be locked away when they enter Lakota.

Phones will be placed in a lockable case that they will keep with them during the event, which the owner can unlock upon leaving the venue by tapping the sleeve on an ‘unlocking base’.

The phone cases are produced by Yondr, a small tech company based in San Francisco. Their website states that the cases ‘provide a haven to engage with what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. In physical space and real time.’

Nicky Tarran, a second-year languages student, told Epigram: ‘I think the event is good because it means that people will enjoy the evening with each other and not be distracted by outside events – they’ll just live in the moment: something which not enough of us do these days.

'They'll just live in the moment: something which not enough of us do these days.'  

Lakota hopes that the phone ban will make clubbers more immersed in the experience, recreating the ‘no holding back attitude’ of ravers in the early 1990s, when Lakota was founded.

The event page states: ‘With no phones to hold you back and no fear of being recorded, you’re free to be who you want to be whilst dancing the night away.’

A spokesperson for Lakota said: ‘We strongly believe phone-free nights are a chance to revive the scene and introduce a new generation of ravers to an atmosphere they may never have experienced before.’

On the night, Lakota will provide an area where the cases can be unlocked, ensuring clubbers are still able to make emergency calls.

Featured image: Flickr/Alex

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