Spookily accurate: Halloween costumes for your personality


By Lilly Hill, Style Deputy Editor

The Croft Magazine // Halloween costumes expose your true colours as varying effort levels are put on show. Spot your friends in this cheeky breakdown of Halloween get ups.

'Do I really have to dress up?' = A half-hearted Ghost

Taking the minimalist approach to the extreme. If it involves any effort at all, it’s not for you. This year, why not try ditching your usual excuse of ‘I came dressed as my friend’ and saving yourself all the scathing looks? If cutting two holes into a bedsheet is still too much to ask of you, we’re dealing with a lost cause.

The diehard halloween fan = A 'go the extra mile' Zombie  

Everyone’s always in awe of your halloween outfits, and this year’s not going to be any different. You make looking scary easy (in a nice way, obvs.) So this year we challenge you to do a zombie, but with extra gore. Why not teach yourself how to do some special FX scars, or even a maggot in a wound?

'But I still want to look cute!' = A 'sexy' Devil

You’re not much of a risk taker, but you prefer simple things done well. A rite of passage of halloween costumes, the devil costume is perfect for you. Simply take a red dress and some horns and Bob's your uncle! You can even add some fake blood and contacts if you want to spruce things up a bit.

ASOS Devil Horns | £6.00

The one with all the banter = Bumbling Boris

With Brexit and halloween (hilariously) occurring on the same day, there’s no denying the relevance of this costume. And let’s be real, what’s more terrifying than our own political climate? All you need for this costume is an awful blonde toupee, a few years at a private school and a massive ego.

'Guys, lets put some effort into our costumes this year' = The Joker

You’re always up to date with the latest fads. Although Heath Ledger will always be your favourite Joker, you should give Phoenix’s version a shot this year (after all, you did think his suit was pretty cool in the film). So, you won’t be the only Joker at the party. You’d just better ensure that you’re the best.

Joker / IMDb

Featured: Unsplash / nrd

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