Review: Molto Buono Park Street


By Nicole Abou-abdallah, Epigram Food online editor

After many walks down Park Street, and peering into the pretty windows of this hidden gem, I decided to give Molto Buono (an Italian restaurant) a visit.

Before I visit a restaurant, I love to have a cheeky browse of the menu on-line to gauge an idea of what to expect. However, Molto Buono left me wondering, with no website and therefore no on-line menu.

Upon entry, we were greeted with a warm and welcoming Italian embrace. All of the staff were cheery and accommodating and seemed to really enjoy working there. We were then escorted to our table in the upstairs seating area.

The seating area was beautifully decorated with ceiling fairy lights and vine leaves along the walls. Although a slightly small area, this added to the authenticity and simplicity of the restaurant.

At a glance of the menu, we decided to go for three courses, due to how reasonably priced the dishes were! We had the focaccia with olives for starters, the 'Sotto Sotto' pizza - which consisted of porcini mushrooms and parsley, and 'La Grassa' pizza - which had pistachio ham and mozarella for main, and the nutella pizza for desert.

The starter was great at suppressing my rumbling tummy, with delicious garlic-infused olives (which I ate the whole pot of).

Image: Epigram Food/ Nicole Abou-abdallah

The pizzas were stone baked and the dough was cooked to perfection. All of the ingredients were of amazing quality and the flavours were devine.

Image: Epigram Food/ Nicole Abou-abdallah

The nutella pizza for desert was rather large (just as large as the main pizzas), but for just £6.50, we could not resist, although we could not finish it.

Image: Epigram Food/ Nicole Abou-abdallah

In terms of restaurants in Bristol, so far, this has been the most authentic and deep-rooted Italian restaurant that I have visited. The friendly staff and beautiful atmosphere made the delicious food even tastier somehow!

Image: Epigram Food/ Nicole Abou-abdallah

Featured image: Epigram Food/Nicole Abou-abdallah

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