Ode to Dino Stompers: A chunky trainer love affair


By Lilly Hill, Style Deputy Editor

The Croft Magazine // 'Oi! Dino Stompers!': an insult(?) I received from a group of 13 year old boys on my way to the train station as I was feeling ready to destroy the world in my Fila Disruptor IIs.

Did I take offence? Initially, I went a bit pink, yes. Rather than retaliate, here I am writing an article to defend and sing the praises of my beloved chunky trainers which are causing so much controversy.

Epigram / Lilly Hill 

Although they may be a cliché Bristol Student footwear choice, chunky trainers, and particularly Fila Disruptors, are all the range at the moment in Bristol and all the ‘trendiest’ cities.

It’s no wonder they’re so popular. Those extra inches really do make all the difference, making you feel like a bad ass bitch who’s ready to take on anything life throws at you.

In terms of comfort, I also find that my Fila’s far exceed any other trainer I’ve owned and their large size makes them really easy to slide on and off- a real winner if you, like me, are too lazy to untie your laces every time you take them on and off (sorry mum).

In a culture where ‘bigger is better’, why shouldn’t the same apply to our shoes? As someone who was dubious myself at first, I can confirm that once you go chunky, you never go back.

So if you’re on the fence, put aside your pride and embrace your inner dinosaur, I promise you won’t regret it.

Featured: Unsplash / Mehdi-Thomas BOUTDARINE

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