Netball intramural, it’s absolutely massive. 28 teams, over 300 students, play every week in a closely contested tournament which attracts the seasoned to casual player.

Coombe becomes a hive of activity as teams from societies, halls, academic faculties and even other sports clubs compete in 3 leagues. The winner of each can hope to dominate even bigger stages in games against Cardiff and UWE as part of the Varsity series.

However, intramural isn’t based on top level performance, rather, it’s the on pitch experience which matters most. Making friends, being active, belonging to a wider community with a common interest are what the tournament aims to achieve. It’s perfect for students who never made the netball team, or couldn’t commit to it due to academic and life’s pressures.

You turn up, you play, you have fun. Simple.

What’s best, is that netball is a diverse community. Men and women play in mixed teams, gender is placed on an equal playing field. Students report male friends getting really engaged with the tournaments, asking their female counterparts tips and advice on tactics, rules, positioning.

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