More police patrols planned for noisy neighbourhoods after successful trial


By Benjamin Salmon, Deputy News Editor

There are also plans for the scheme to continue into 2020, though the details have yet to be finalised.

Avon & Somerset Police and the University of Bristol have announced they will be continuing University-funded police patrols in student-heavy areas following a successful pilot scheme in June.

The new patrols, which form part of so-called ‘Operation Beech’, aim to clamp down on excessive night-time noise and will take place over 26 nights until the Christmas break, starting this coming Friday.

The University have said that this continuation will cost up to £25,000.

The pilot scheme, which took place in June, cost the university £4,600 and saw police attend 26 properties occupied by Bristol students during the two-week trial – meaning each call-out cost the University an average of £176.92.

Most of the encounters between police and students were civil with no further action take. However, police reported that a small minority resulted in fines.

In a statement, a University spokesperson praised the pilot, saying: ‘The patrols attended a number of student properties each night. Most issues were resolved easily with a request to turn music down, a reminder to close doors and windows and for people to go inside.

‘There were no large-scale house parties, and, in a few cases, the Police found no evidence of noise disturbance at the addresses they’d been called to attend. Police reported that students responded politely and apologetically when approached.’

The University had previously come under fire from some local residents over a perceived lack of action on student noise-related issues.

The continued scheme will also move into new localities, including Ashgrove Road in Redland, Highbury Villas in Cotham and the Eaton Crescent and Arlington Villas areas of Clifton.

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