Whiteladies M&S postpone opening to May


By Hannah Worthington, Online Editor

Somehow, I seem to have found myself responsible for updating students on the construction progress of the BS8 Whiteladies Marks and Spencer food hall, which was due to open last summer. Though trivial, I am among many who are eagerly waiting for it.

Sad to see that M&S didn't reach their already overdue deadline in March, I wrote again to the incoming Store Manager, Greg, to ascertain exactly why no Colin the Caterpillar cakes had yet entered the building.

Greg informed me that problems with the site had pushed them back - and the store is now scheduled to open on the 16th May. 'Percy's soon' he reassured.

As the 12th deadline, nearly a year on from when they were meant to open, we can only hope the contractors will stick to their promise.

For all the third years with dissertation deadlines on that day, let's hope that the builders will listen to our needs and ensure full stock of M&S extra virgin olive oil houmous and phizzy pig tails line the shelves.

Featured Image: Epigram / Sara Roberts


Hannah Worthington

Online Editor 2018/19 | Online Style Editor 2017/18 Undergraduate English and Theatre Student