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By Laura Aish, Film and TV Digital Editor

The Croft Magazine // Some of Bristol's most known and loved locations have some spooky ghost stories behind them  

With Halloween coming up at the end of this month, what better way to get into a spooky mood than reading up on some of Bristol’s most intriguing and well-known haunted locations? Here are a bunch of famous haunted hotspots from across the city to check out this October with your mates.

The Christmas Steps

Near the centre, the historical Christmas Steps have some sufficiently spooky sightings indeed. Several occurrences have been documented over the years, including sightings of a young and possibly Victorian girl, the sounds of men shouting by the former gallows that used to exist nearby and ghostly women dressed all in dark clothing. It has also been suggested that part of the area is actually potentially built on a former cemetery – adding even more to its spookiness levels.

Have you ever heard echoes of the shouts of men while walking down the Christmas Steps? Epigram | Emma Holding

Pembroke Road

Pembroke Road in Clifton is allegedly haunted by the ghost of an infamous highwayman who committed many of his crimes in the local area. Legend has it that, once he was eventually caught, the highwayman was then hanged in the gallows that used to exist nearby, and his ghost can purportedly be seen by people visiting the road.

Arnos Vale Cemetery

The characterful and unique Arnos Vale Cemetery, located between Totterdown and Brislington, is supposedly haunted by several female ghosts including a woman crying over the grave of her husband and two figures whose presence is said to also be accompanied by a distinctive feeling of sorrow for visitors.

In addition to this, the ghost of another woman, who was allegedly buried alive on the site, has been previously spotted roaming the cemetery appearing distressed and crying to those that see her.

Bristol Old Vic Theatre

The historical and notable Bristol Old Vic theatre, described on its website as one of the oldest running theatres and first being built in the 1700s, equally has some dramatically spooky sightings of its own.

A former actress who was rumoured to have been involved with the theatre is meant to haunt it – people who have seen her or felt her presence nearby are said to smell sweet fragrances including lavender when she appears. The sensation of someone inexplicably brushing past is also meant to be quite common when visiting the theatre.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a structure that many will think of immediately when they think of Bristol. Legend has it that Bristol’s iconic landmark is allegedly haunted by Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself – the well-known engineer who was actually behind designing it. Supposedly Brunel can be spotted looking out towards the bridge which is situated over Avon Gorge and the River Avon.

"Legend has it that Bristol’s iconic landmark is allegedly haunted by Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself " | Epigram / Emma Holding

Broadmead Odeon Cinema

The Odeon cinema on Union Street in Broadmead is not just home to the odd fictional horror flick. Famously, the cinema is purportedly haunted by a former manager who was murdered in his office in the 1940s during a robbery gone terribly wrong whilst a film was loudly playing to an audience in one of the screens next door. There have previously been reports of seeing the manager around the cinema, screen number three in particular, and also mysteriously chilly areas in the building.  

Llandoger Trow Inn

The historical Llandoger Trow Inn on King Street, which sadly closed to the public this year, has had many reportedly spooky occurrences – local lore has it that sightings of up to fifteen ghosts have even been seen there! Apparently sightings of a young boy on the top floor are supposed to be extremely common as well as objects reportedly being mysteriously thrown around the rooms.

Why not take a spooktacular tour of these haunted hotspots and have a look for yourselves this Halloween?

Featured: Epigram / Emma Holding

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