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By Imogen Rogers, Deputy Living Editor

Gym classes can be used for so many reasons. From those who have never set foot in a gym class to those who want to use the gym to de-stress in deadline season, here are some helpful pointers in where to go.

If you are a beginner

Tums, Bums and Thighs uses your own body weight as resistance and a high degree of floor work to target the main areas which people want to improve. It is a great class for those that haven’t done much exercise or are coming back after some time away! Similarly, both Body Conditioning and Body Sculpt are full body workouts designed to tone and shape up your body with the use of light to medium dumbbells. There are new exercises each week, so it never gets boring. If you mainly stick to cardio these classes are a great way to introduce some resistance exercises into your regime!

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To introduce yourself to weights

Body Pump is a barbell workout using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition for a total body workout. If you want to start lifting weights it is a great place to start, as the all the instructors are on hand to give you advice and it is great to have the moral support of everyone else in the class! It is a great way to build muscle, tone up and lose fat! The downside is that because it is a very popular class it is often hard to get on to the waiting list, let alone book a place onto the class.

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Best soundtrack

Although spinning is a great way to burn calories, for many it quite quickly becomes monotonous. PiloXercise: Afro Caribbean Spin or ‘Spin and Wiggle’ is a great alternative to the traditional spin class, combining spinning at various speeds and resistance settings combined with dance! PiloXercise Zumba or ‘Afro-Caribbean Fitness Fusion’ (in the SU) are fitness- dance fusion classes packed with dance moves and cardio training to leave you very sweaty. The classes are all set to upbeat and exciting Afro-Caribbean and Latin music and are a great way to start the day!

The best if you are stressed!

Body Combat is a brilliant cardio class which is inspired by a number of martial-arts. But don’t worry, this empowering class is completely non-contact, so you won’t be leaving covered in bruises. It is a high intensity- and energy – class available on Tuesday and Friday evenings and is the perfect stress reliever! If you prefer a more relaxed exercise class the various yoga and Pilates classes are also a great way to tone your physique, build flexibility and strength whilst simultaneously de-stressing!

Epigram / Imogen Rogers

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Are you a regular gym-goer? Got any tips to share? Get in contact!

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