Beauty Column: Face wash basics from Style Editor Orin Carlin


By Orin Carlin, Style Editor

The Croft Magazine // Please bear with me. You may not consider this to be worthy of an explanation, but if you can ace this step I promise the results will be gratifying.

Firstly, ditch the traditional face wash. Often, foaming cleansers can be too stripping and will leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Instead I would urge you to opt for either a cleansing oil, cream or balm. I personally love Superfacialist’s Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. It effortlessly gets rid of makeup and is often on special offer.  


Firmly massage the product into your face and then for removal I heartily advocate the unfashionable flannel. Rinse it under the hot tap, wring it out and then gently buff the product off your skin. Repeat as many times as necessary. You can buy a flannel for as little as 35p from Wilko - stock up and simply throw them in the washing machine when you're putting on a cycle.  


This is an ecologically-friendly, cost-effective alternative to wipes- which really should not even be an option- and will leave your skin looking healthier and more glowy. If you can help it, wipes should really be only used in extreme circumstances à la skincare expert Caroline Hirons’ strict guidelines: fannies, flights and festivals. And no, ‘falling over drunk’ is not equally permissible.

If you ace this first step, your skin will be thanking you.

Featured: Unsplash / Park Street

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