Basketball intramural - ballers from halls, societies, academic faculties and groups of friends meet up every week to compete and throw down in tense, fast paced games that cause bystanders to grit their teeth.

The tournament plays each team off against one another, in weekly games, to crown the king of the league.

However, intramural isn’t only about vanquishing opponents and claiming victory. The friendships, experiences, and enjoyment had on court by far outweigh victories.

Most students turn up because they enjoy it, they make friends, it’s a way of playing the game that doesn’t require training, you don’t have to be Kobe or Jordan to get involved.

Perhaps the nicest aspect of the league is that British and international students alike play with and against each other. Games are a genuine chance of interaction where players have a common interest.

You turn up, play, have fun, and that’s it.

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