Badminton, it’s a fast paced and exhilarating game that combines lightening quick reactions with a quick mind and flashy racket skills.m

However, it’s also a game that all levels of play can’t access. ALmost anyone can pick a racket up and smash a shuttlecock over the net, and have fun doing it.

This is the aim of intramural badminton, a tournament which aims to let you have fun whilst playing sport in a semi-comparative way way.

Teams from halls, societies and acedmic societies and even groups of friends meet every Saturday to battle it out inside a league. Whilst there is a winner and player strive for succes, ultimately the on pitch experiences, the friends, the fun, is more meaningful than victory.

Games are hosted by the superb badminton club who are full of tips for new Players and create a really welcoming atmosphere.

You turn up, play, have fun, and that’s it.

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