Arts dissertations to no longer be printed


By Imogen Horton, News Editor

Changes announced this week for all departments include the move of reading week in TB2 for Arts students and improved feedback systems for Engineering.

Emails sent out to students this week, have detailed the changes that the academic reps have brought about as a result of feedback from the past academic year.

One of the biggest changes is the scrapping of the requirement to print final-year Arts dissertations for submission.

Another change for Arts students is the moving of TB2 reading week to the middle of term, rather than directly after exams, in order to give students 'a proper break'.

These changes are set to come in the next academic year, 2019/20.

While Engineering students will see an improvement in accessibility of
unit support, with timetabled drop-in sessions across all departments, and an improvement in feedback systems for next year. The current, Engineering specific feedback system SAFE is being decommissioned and the department are working on new proposals for improvement.

Maths students will now have access to at least one set of past paper solutions for each unit and labs feedback in Physics is set to become more consistent.

It was also announced that Nasra Ayub, Undergraduate Education Officer, has secured agreement from the University that Saturday exams will not be introduced.

She said: 'I’m proud of making sure that there will be no Saturday exams, and students won’t have to take three exams in one day as I know this is something students wouldn’t want!

'I’ve worked with Sally Patterson and the university on setting up a Graduation Gown bursary as part of my commitment this year to reducing hidden course costs. I’ve also worked with Sally on creating better guidelines for Personal Tutors, as part of the wider work the officer team have been doing on wellbeing.

'Another key success for me has been creating spaces for BME people on campus. I held a Being Black in Academia event and have also been working with the university on the new BME success programme.'

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