A Bristol fresher's outfit bible


By Freya Hempleman, Third year, Economics and Management

The Croft Magazine // This is less of a style guide and more of a survival kit. If you want to use your wardrobe to impress the Tallulahs and Cecelias that ruled your (probably private) school, and now your halls, then look no further.

Crummy trainers

As freshers, we all want to impress. It’s human nature. But I’m warning you, when you are stuck in the fiery hell that is the Freshers’ Motion party, you will regret debuting those fresh white Nikes. The only solution is to find some trainers robust enough to survive the dirtiest of clubs … the scabbier the better. I’m not saying you have to wear your old P.E. trainers, but maybe it is time to sacrifice those Fila Disruptors that you bought well before we all came to the realisation that they are the ugliest shoes ever created.

These are an acceptable alternative. Black trainers are your new clubbing staple.

Trainers, £89.95 | Adidas


Flares are the one item that can unite every Bristol student. It doesn’t matter if they’re denim, jersey, corduroy (are u ok?) or velvet. Every single person on this campus owns a pair of flares. You may hate them now but trust me, in six months time, you will own a pair. How do I know? Because all animals eventually adapt to their surroundings, and you’ve just joined a new ecosystem.

I can’t walk down Woodland Road without seeing a pair of these flares.

Flares, £20 | Topshop


Simple, but necessary. A sweatshirt or hoodie will become your wardrobe staple once exam season hits. Need to roll out of bed to get to Beacon House at 7am? Want something to muffle your cries in the library? Your sweats will do it all. Any old thing will do because no one cares what you look like in the ASS. Don’t delude yourself into thinking people are writing Briscrushes about you.

If you’re in Wills you may want to add some Tommy to your wardrobe (and you can probably afford to).

Sweatshirt, £70 | Tommy Hilfiger

Fluffy dressing gown

The clothing equivalent of a hug. You won’t be getting many of those now you’ve left home.

Your Grandma may do her shopping in M&S but their dressing gowns will come in handy when you’re hit with the freshers flu.

Dressing gown, £40 | M&S

Flip flops

In my first year, someone in the floor above did a poo in the shower and tried (and failed) to panic stomp it down the drain. Take this as a warning: BUY SOME FLIP FLOPS. Don’t corrupt your innocent fresher feet with the nastiness left in the showers by your flatmates. You really don’t know someone unless you know what they get up to in the shared bathrooms, the truth will shock you.

Havaianas are an expensive option but Primark’s £1.50 version will do the trick.
Rate these...and Primark's £1.50 version 

Flip flops, £28 | Havaianas

Once you have acquired all of the above, you may (just) survive your first few weeks here at Bristol. I’m not trying to frighten you, I’m just giving you the hard truth. So throw out your expectations, make a Depop account and enjoy everything that Bristol has to offer.

Featured image: Shanna Camilleri / Unsplash

How many of these items do you own in your wardrobe?

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